my opinion about power plant from coal

INDONESIA including countries with the largest source of coal mines in the world. Estimated 36.3 billion tons of reserves. Only 50-85 percent of low quality. This is seen from the combustion of low calorific value and sulfur content and the water is high. Therefore, lignite coal is also known as lignite or brown coal is not economically exploited as an energy source bakar.Bila material is taken to a location remote from the mine, then the cost of transportation becomes expensive. Because the actual freight charges incurred to bring water and ash which will be discarded in the process of coal utilization.

When burned, a lot of wasted energy to evaporate water, while the value obtained by the relatively low calorie. In addition, high sulfur content which would be a pollutant gas. Therefore required additional costs to reduce emissions of sulfur gas.

With this issue, if there is a layer of lignite coal in coal mining, the miners just take a layer of high quality. While the lignite coal will be removed or dumped back at the mining site.

I think the power generation from coal is very useful because it is more affordable than gasoline, is actually cheaper when using diesel or diesel power plants in electricity prices reached 500 per KWH, but if the coal electricity price 10x cheaper in the amount of Rp.50 per KWH.
with this matter would be more efficient cost approximately $ 30 billion per year, but there are constraints that is also the problem of water and sulfur content is so high. therefore need the development of coal processing at each mining area and certain areas that are good for the course of processing of coal to power plants that are good for society and its cost is also relatively cheap.